Top 12 Diabetes Travel Blogs 2022 [Updated Highly Rated Sites]

top 12 diabetes travel blogs we could find online. As you plan your journey away from home, have a look at them. They all provide you really useful information about travelling while diabetic.

Top 12 Diabetes Travel Blogs

Top 12 Diabetes Travel Blogs

You’ll discover a variety of practical recommendations for travelling with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, from airport security checks and insulin transportation to personal experiences, medical guidance, and diabetic supplies. (Click on any section to jump to it.) In this article:


Diabetes Self-Management, founded in 1983, is a provider of authoritative, trustworthy health information for persons with diabetes. Among their various publications, they have a blog where they provide information concerning travel and diabetes on a regular basis.

Healthline called them one of the greatest diabetes blogs of 2018 and MyTherapy named them one of the best Type 2 diabetes blogs of 2018.


Laura describes her year-long travel adventures as a Type 1 diabetic. What a stumbling block!

“This blog is intended to document my experience with T1 diabetes while preparing and enjoying our trip. I want to demonstrate that travelling long-term with a chronic illness is possible.” She travels with an OmniPod insulin pump and a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) (Dexcom).

It’s one of the greatest personal diabetic travel blogs out there, full with tips and tales! She also includes a really useful packing list calculator!


Cazzy and Bradley are Digital Nomads, meaning they don’t have a set residence and are constantly on the go with their laptops and backpacks. Their goal is to go to every country on the planet!

They write about their trips to South America and Southeast Asia while dealing with Type 1 diabetes. Their diabetes travel blog is chock-full of local knowledge and general advice for diabetic travellers!


It’s a blog about dealing with the ups and downs of diabetes.

Helen Edwards is a type 1 diabetic who is also a writer, blogger, diabetes advocate, and former diabetes educator and counsellor. Currently working on a PhD on how to increase pregnancy readiness by improving communication between healthcare providers and diabetic women. Female visitors are especially encouraged to visit!


Sarah Grace, like many of us, identifies herself as someone who can’t live without coffee and insulin. She’s had Type 1 diabetes for 12 years, having been diagnosed shortly after turning 14.

She’s visited over 20 countries since then, all with just a backpack! Sarah began her diabetic travel blog while she was a college senior. She discusses her travels overseas and in the United States, as well as her ideas, feelings, experiences, and reflections about diabetes… A really personal and engaging diabetic travel blog!

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This diabetic travel blog’s creator, Jeremy, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1982. But that didn’t stop him from travelling throughout the globe. One of his aims is to maintain a blood sugar level of 70 to 130 mg/dL, hence the title of his blog.

His endeavour began with a single guiding principle: diabetes is not a barrier to anything. That’s exactly what we think at Sweet Trip!

Jeremy shares his travel advice and itineraries from across the world. He has travelled throughout Europe, China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and other countries. He also offers diabetics with location guides to assist them enjoy their vacations. It’s unquestionably a wonderful blog that we recommend you visit!


Kiersten, a California native, quit her job in corporate finance to pursue her dream of seeing the world. “Since then, I’ve visited over 50 countries and completed several major activities on my bucket list.”

I wish to motivate you to live a life you love and to accept nothing less than the best.” Visit her diabetes travel blog to learn more! We hope you’ll be inspired to try it out for yourself!


Carly left her affluent home in Australia in 2014 to pursue a life as a wanderer. Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Although Carly has Type 1 Diabetes and writes on making travel simpler for individuals with the same disease, The Wanderlust Days is intended specifically for diabetics.

In her diabetic travel blog, she journeys from place to country, offering useful assessments of hostels and travel equipment.


The CDN’s purpose is to provide peer relationships to young adults with T1D who value them. Their experienced resources assist in navigating the difficult transition to independence in college and beyond.

CDN strives to create a world where all young adults with diabetes are inspired and prepared to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Although not specifically a diabetes travel site, their piece on Travel And Study Abroad is a fascinating read that will provide you some fundamental travel suggestions for diabetics.


GlucoseTracker is a straightforward online application for monitoring your blood glucose levels. It’s 100% free and has no advertisements, and over 70.000 people use it.

Jonathan affirms that nothing unpleasant occurred to him when travelling with type 1 diabetes to over 125 places in 28 countries. “My insulin never went bad, nothing was stolen, and I was never questioned by security about the amount of medicine I had with me,” he says.

On his diabetic travel blog, he offers some advice to those of us thinking about travelling with diabetes: “It’s a lot less difficult than you think.” Don’t allow diabetes prevent you from achieving your goals.” That’s exactly what we want to hear!


IAMAT is a non-profit organisation that assists international travellers with medical issues. This includes all types of passengers, not just diabetics.

They can assist you in planning a healthy trip and connecting with reliable English-speaking physicians. Their goal is to make the globe a healthier place to travel by providing up-to-date health information to tourists.

Despite the fact that this isn’t a diabetic travel blog, their services are quite valuable to keep in mind if you get into problems while travelling!


This website isn’t your normal diabetes travel blog, but it does a great job of explaining travel insurance and helping travellers select the right plan for them. Damian developed this site after seeing a lack of appropriate travel insurance options online, and we should all be grateful to him! He goes on to say:

“Most websites concentrated on giving policy details and providing rates. However, there was no fundamental information available to assist consumers in determining what they needed and how to purchase a plan.

I began blogging about travel insurance coverage, various plans, and various reasons for needing insurance. I expanded the site to incorporate company and policy evaluations, lessons, and articles as the blog’s traffic and queries grew.”

Sweet Trip is only notifying you about this website, which functions as a virtual travel insurance agency. Sweet Trip is neither advising nor advertising this service. “6 Tips for Safe Overseas Travel with Type 1 Diabetes” is an excellent and useful piece that you should read before travelling with diabetes.

Travel Insurance for Diabetics

Have you read our article on Diabetes Travel Insurance and how to find the right policy for you?


Don’t forget to check out our collection of diabetic travel guides! They’re country-specific, so if yours isn’t listed yet, make a request!

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