CIBC Credit Card Activation – Activate CIBC Credit Card

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CIBC Credit Card Activation

CIBC Credit Card Activation

The activation process for a CIBC credit card is fairly straightforward with only a few steps involved in getting up and running with your new account. The first step is to check online for recent activity on your new card. If any transactions have occurred within the past three days, whether or not they were purchases or cash withdrawals/payments, follow the instructions included in the welcome kit that accompanied your new credit card for reactivating it. However, if there are no recent transactions to be found, the process for activating an inactive card is slightly different, which will be detailed below.

CIBC Credit Card Activation Quick Tips

  • Checking for a recent activity online
  • Checking for recent activity in the welcome kit
  •  Not finding any transactions? Follow the steps below.

A few things you should know about activating your CIBC credit card: – If your new account is set up with a pre-authorized debit, it will automatically be activated when the first payment comes out of your chequing account; – If you activate your CIBC credit card online and choose to pay only the minimum due, this option may not immediately become available after you complete the activation process; rather, it will appear sometime between one and three days later; and – Should issues arise during the activation process, which can happen even if you follow all instructions carefully, feel free to contact CIBC or your financial institution for assistance.

CIBC Credit Card Activation online

Step 1 – Visit the CIBC website and select “activate a new card” from the main menu. You will be prompted to log into your online banking account. If you do not have a CIBC online banking account, follow the instructions found on for creating one before continuing with this process.

Step 2 – Enter all details as requested including full name, address, date of birth, and phone number. Be sure to enter your temporary password (found in your welcome kit) as well as your permanent password (a new password that you set up).

Step 3 – Select whether or not you would like to sign up for eAlerts and click “continue.”

Step 4 – Review all details carefully and click “submit” to finish the activation process. You should receive a confirmation message on screen stating that your CIBC credit card has been activated successfully.

CIBC Credit Card Activation – Welcome Kit vs Online

There are two ways you can activate your new CIBC credit card: log into your online banking account or follow the instructions in your welcome kit. If you use the steps above, where you request an activation code online through either method, make sure not to request another activation code through any alternate channels (i.e., phone, OTC) after completing this step as doing so will cancel out everything that occurred during this process and require that you start over again from the beginning before activating your new account.

Step 5 – Check for a recent activity online. If there is no recent activity (e.g., purchases, cash advances, payments), follow the instructions in your welcome kit to activate a new card as they differ from those listed here. Otherwise, continue on to step six.

Step 6 – Request an activation code online or through the automated phone system by providing all required information and following all prompts/instructions as you go along.

CIBC Credit Card Activation – Inactivity Time Frame

Activating a dormant CIBC credit card can take up to three business days from start to finish due to standard security measures that must be followed before an account can be activated for use again. The first day of inactivity will result in a temporary hold being placed on your account, which will decrease as time passes. For example: If you make a payment on the third day of inactivity, this hold will be reduced to $0.00 and reflect as such in your online banking account and available balance. If you were to request an additional cardholder on day four, for example, it would remain at $0 until the following day when another security measure is put into place that decreases hold by half each business day.

Cibc Credit Card Activation Using Phone

Step 1 – Call the CIBC automated phone system and follow all instructions provided. You can view a menu of options by dialing *0, to speak to an agent press 0# at any time.

Step 2 – Enter your temporary password (found in your welcome kit) when prompted and wait for the system to verify that you are not using this code before proceeding with activation.

CIBC Credit Card Activation – Amount owed

It is important to note that if you choose to activate your CIBC credit card online and make only the minimum repayment due on your account, this option may not appear until one or two days later. Alternatively, it is possible that issues may arise during the activation process which can be resolved either through speaking with CIBC customer service or by calling the automated phone system for more details.

Thank you for choosing CIBC! We look forward to having you as a customer and value your feedback. If you have any further questions, please direct them to our Customer Care representatives at Have a great day!

Step 3 – Enter all required information including the new password (from step two) and new activation code as provided. Click “submit” to finish the process and confirm that your account has been activated successfully. You should receive a confirmation message on screen stating this as well as be able to use your credit card again beginning on the date it was first attempted to activate online. Thank you for making CIBC one of your preferred financial institutions.

CIBC Credit Card Activation using Mail

Step 1 – Visit and select the option to “activate a credit card by mail.”

Step 2 – Read through all information provided before clicking the link at the bottom of this page that reads “< >”. Fill out the required fields with your personal information, choose “submit,” then print or save a copy of your information for future reference. CIBC Credit Card Activation – Instructions

Step 3 – Call CIBC customer service at 1-800-232-9988 (Canada) or 1-866-525-8622 (US) between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday to Friday to activate using the automated phone system following instructions given by an operator once you are connected.

Step 4 – Visit your CIBC branch with all required documentation to complete the process of activating your credit card. Documents required are listed under the “activate a credit card by mail” page at

Step 5 – Allow 3-5 business days for your card to be activated. CIBC will process all requests as soon as possible, but it may take up to three days from request or receipt of required documentation to activate your account depending on your location.

CIBC Credit Card Activation Using Branch

Step 1: Visit and select the option that reads “activate a credit card by mail.”

Step 2 – Fill out all required fields with accurate information and choose “submit” before printing or saving a copy of the information provided for future reference. A new password (from step 3) is required before continuing with this option.

Step 3 – Enter a temporary password that was sent in the welcome package sent to you by CIBC when prompted and click “submit.” You may then opt to change your password or continue with account activation.

CIBC Credit Card Activation Additional Tips

To activate your credit card online, you may be required to wait for one or two days before the option to do so becomes available. If this is the case, call CIBC customer service at 1-800-232-9988 (Canada) or 1-866-525-8622 (US).

CIBC Credit Card Activation Withdrawal Limit

CIBC has a strict policy in place allowing only up to four withdrawals per monthly statement period on their prepaid credit card accounts. This includes ATM withdrawals and balance inquiries as well as purchases made with your credit card through any means that are processed directly by CIBC instead of through an unaffiliated company such as Visa or MasterCard. Prior to attempting any additional transactions beyond these limits, contact customer service to ensure that these operations are possible with your account before proceeding.

CIBC Credit Card Activation Report Lost or Stolen Cards

  • Call CIBC customer service at 1-800-232-9988 (Canada) or 1-866-525-8622 (US) immediately if you believe that your credit card has been lost, stolen, or compromised in any way. Advise them of the situation and request an investigation if necessary once disconnected with a representative.
  • Visit your CIBC branch for identification verification upon arrival. You will also need to show all original documentation submitted when first receiving your credit card as well as the temporary password sent via mail by CIBC after attempting online activation for this option.
  • Fill out a CIBC Credit Card Alert form and speak with a member of management or customer service to request your credit card be temporarily deactivated until a replacement card is sent if you did not lose the original. This option may take up to five business days to process once all necessary information has been received. If you lost your original credit card, however, this step will not be possible without it for your own safety reasons. You can visit for more information about replacing a lost CIBC credit card.

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